Kids / Youth BJJ & Self Defence

Our kids’ classes are jam-packed with action, games, problem solving, friendship, laughter, and of course jiu jitsu. These classes will guarantee your little one wanting more, whilst building their confidence, fitness, coordination, and boosting their overall development using world-leading tried and tested methodology

Our structured curriculum and grading system enables your child to work towards their goals and be rewarded, whilst having fun and making friends in a safe environment. Our classes are split into three different age groups;

Kids 1 (3-6 years)
A tailored class for our tiniest students focused on developing gross motor skills & encouraging teamwork. Smaller class sizes and multiple coaches ensure that your child gets the attention they need. Parents who train at our gym are welcome to join the class to help their child feel more comfortable. This is a fun and fast paced class to keep those tiny ones moving & happy.

Kids 2 (7-10 years)
Our kid’s program will see students exploring the fundamentals of jiu jitsu and learning essential self-defence principles. Your child will develop strength, coordination and most importantly the confidence to face difficult situations that may arise. There is a limited number of submissions taught in this program under strict supervision to ensure the safety of all our students.

Juniors (10-13 years)
Similar to the kid’s program, our youth classes explore the fundamentals of jiu jitsu and teach effective self-defence techniques. Students will experience an increased number of submissions to prepare them to move onto the adult’s program when our coaches deem they are ready.

We believe that martial arts can be used as a tool to help our students comprehend important values such as:

  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Confidence

As well as getting the kids moving, we also engage in regular discussion with our students to show them how they can use the skills and values learnt in class during their every day life. We explore street safety, bullying and interpersonal relationships in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We encourage parents to reach out to our coaches if there is any subject they would like to be discussed or if they need help getting through to students. We believe it is important for coaches and parents to work together to help our students become the best people they can be.

Find out more about our youth jiu jitsu program here

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