Renato Garcia leads the Clube De Lutas boxing program and brings over 18 years of experience in combat sports. His boxing fundamentals is a derivative of Cuban/Soviet schools with strong roots in Tae Kwon Do. Renato’s boxing classes focus on strength and conditioning training, advance striking, and the fundamental skills required to be successful as a combat sports athlete.

At Clube De Lutas we offer boxing classes for adults and youth, from beginner through to advanced. Find out more about our programs below.


This training session is designed to educate the youth of tomorrow with all disciplinary aspects of the sport and technical fundamentals using an academy approach.

This class teaches young athletes technical work, footwork, co-ordination, sense of distance, and combat awareness. Additionally they learn significant values of the Sport of Boxing such as Discipline, Respect, Self confidence, mental strength and leadership skills to empower them.


In this training session, athletes will be taught a combination of technical boxing fundamentals, plyometrics and High Intensity Interval Training.

This session is an introduction to Combat School Technical Boxing training, strength and conditioning, and sports specific discipline training. 


This session is designed to further advance the boxing skills of an athlete, improve their endurance training and ring IQ .  

The main focus of intermediate level training is a combination of combat training offence, defence, footwork precision, angles and combat tactics. This session is a pathway to boxing sparring and fight team competition training